Important Information on Shoulder Reconstruction Surgery

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Are you having problems with your shoulder? Did you consider surgery to improve your quality of life and finally enjoy it to the fullest? Then, you just need to look for a truly experienced and highly reputable orthopaedic surgeon, and discuss with him about the possibility of Shoulder Reconstruction Surgery. How is this type of surgery different from the traditional shoulder surgery?

Well, thanks to the anterior incision approach, the muscle mass will not be traumatized, and the surgeon does not need to detach any muscle tissue from thigh bones or from your shoulder. The surgeon is this way capable of performing the intervention right through the muscles and replace your shoulder without causing any injuries to healthy tissue. The Anterior approach Surgery means less pain for you after the surgery according to sports injury. It also means a much faster recovery, since muscle tissue does not have to recover from traumas. It also means improved mobility for you, because the chance of dislocations is reduced to a minimum.

These are some of the greatest advantages of opting for the anterior approach shoulder replacement:

  • FAST RECOVERY TIME. This is possible because extremely important muscles in your system are not even touched by the surgeon. Many of the traditional shoulder replacement surgeries require that the surgeon cuts through such healthy tissue! The most important fact about anterior incision is that your musculature is spared, and you can recover much faster.
  • GO EASY THROUGH RECOERY. Most traditional shoulder surgeries will not allow you to bear your full weight after surgery. With the anterior surgery option, you will have better mobility immediately after surgery and you are allowed to bear your weight without any problems.
  • NO SCARRING. With this ingenious procedure, there will be only one small sized incision on the front of our shoulder (the anterior part). Traditional surgery will leave you with more scars that take more time to heal. You should really research the option of anterior shoulder replacement, and you will see how many fascinating benefits it has. Why go through an extenuating recovery time when you can almost regain your entire mobility after surgery?
  • BETTER IMPLANT STABILITY. This is possible thanks to the fact that muscle mass and healthy tissue has been spared. Your body recovers faster and in a much more healthier way without extreme pain when muscles or tendons do not become detached from the bone. Do not expose yourself to excruciating pain after surgery, when you can choose a truly minimally invasive solution.

Anterior shoulder replacement requires the use of special equipment such as computer navigation or X-ray intraoperative tools. This minimally invasive procedure is also the perfect solution for heavier patients, who are usually not really good candidates for traditional shoulder replacement surgery.

Of course, the success of each type of surgery depends on so many factors. Procedures by Shane Blackmore shoulder reconstruction is quite a complex surgical intervention, and factors such as your age, your lifestyle, the severity of your condition all play an important part. If your doctor recommends hip replacement surgery, you should definitely start looking for a truly experienced and reliable orthopedic surgeon. Such an operation can be performed only by a certified orthopedic surgeon, so you should do your best to search for one that has years of experience in performing such interventions.