5 Awesome and Affordable Must-Stay Beach Resorts

HOTEL RESORT PICMost people will have to stick to specific budgets when planning a vacation and are aware of the fact that the value of a hotel bears similar importance just like its rooms and other features do. It’s practically impossible to enjoy a resort when you think they’ve ripped you off your money. Similarly, it’s difficult to enjoy a cheap resort if you feel like paying a few extra bucks would have bought you something more significant.

A hotel with great value is that which will offer you with the best of both worlds – cheap and still objectively great. Having said that, here is a list of the most awesome and affordable beach resorts you must visit during your next beach vacation.

Kauai Beach Resort

This is a private property that features very quiet large rooms with a gorgeous sunrise stretching over a rugged beach and equipped with amenities like water slides, a sand-bottom pool as well as a romantic bar that plays live music. If you are looking for a quiet and relaxed place to stay for the best rates, the Kauai beach resort is the place to be, and many people say that short term hotels accommodation in Perth would be the nearest thing to Kauai resort.

Aqua Wellness Resort in Nicaragua

BEUTIFUL WESTERN AUSTRALIA RESORTSJust like the beautiful Costa Rican beaches to the south, the Aqua Wellness Resort in Nicaragua features some awesome beaches that require significantly lesser payments than its southern counterpart. This rustic cheap accommodation margaret river resort is among the most luxurious resorts in the country. However, this is dissolved in the amazing rates that the resort offers, which start from about $160 per night. You can expect to spot some wildlife here as the resort is designed in an eco-friendly manner with lush vegetation as well as rooms that feature natural wood. Other units include stunning water views and plunge pools. With a secluded white-sand beach and numerous restaurants, you’ll have plenty to do and eat while on vacation here.

Jake’s, Jamaica

Jake’s is a member of the renowned Bespoke Hotels and features 30 hippy and fashionable cottages situated in the secluded area of Treasure Beach. This hotel offers accommodation beginning from just $200 a night and the cottages have no internet, phones or even TV. It is the perfect get-away resort you can use to escape from the corporate world. What make this place among the favorites are its on-site classes of yoga and painting, excellent food as well as the Driftwood Spa.

Sands at Grace Bay, Turks and Caicos

The Sands at Grace Bay resort is situated at the heart of Grace Bay and features 114 rooms that offer solid amenities that include a fitness center, two pools, a very nice restaurant as well as a stretch of oceanfront at very attractive prices and in many case nicer than the hotel resort accommodation in WA. Even though the lush grounds and pools here may not be as spectacular as those in pricier resorts, you’ll be happy with the great value you find at the Grace Bay, especially considering the size of rooms, most of which have furnished balconies with ocean views.

Natura Cabanas, Dominican Republic

This resort features eco-friendly bungalows that are set in a lush and friendly environment to give vacationers a taste of the serene northern coast at a remarkably affordable price. Vacationers who come here enjoy delicious fresh food, a clean private beach that is less crowded, yoga classes as well as a fabulous spa. There is no TV or AC in the rustic and all-quiet rooms at Natura Cabanas, but this is what the vacation is all about.

Best Western Karratha

Another very popular destination is Best Western Karratha hotel and central apartments which is situated in Western Australia. It is a very popular hotel with many amenities for couples and families to have a pleasant stay. There are many activities nearby that will keep you and your family busy for hours.