Direct Mail Marketing & Printing Tips for Small Businesses in Melbourne

05 Nov 2015

Direct Mail Marketing & Printing Tips for Small Businesses in Melbourne

05 Nov 2015:

Direct mail solutions for Melbourne businesses

Direct mail marketing can help you increase your base of customers with relatively low effort, and quite a small investment. You just need to carefully plan your marketing message and then find a reliable digital printer solution. After that, you will share the marketing materials, and expect an increase in your traffic, and a better brand awareness. Let’s check out a few tips that will help you with your direct marketing campaign:

Your direct mail list of Melbourne customers is important

When you send out direct mail, you want to send it to your target audience as much as possible. Therefore, you need a list with current customers or potential clients (people who might be interested in buying the services/products you offer). When you send mail to a targeted list, you will certainly save important money, and increase your chances of expanding your customer base. Don’t buy fake leads online, but instead research your ‘demographic’ and create your own list with past clients, present customers, social media friends, acquaintances, business partners, and so on. Direct mail in Melbourne can be managed by reputable companies that have experience ion direct mail send outs for Melbourne businesses.

Promote with valuable content

Your direct marketing piece needs to contain truly valuable content, otherwise the direct mail will be dismissed. People want to be able to read facts: what are the discounts that you offer? What are the new products that are going to be launched? What about customer loyalty special deals? Anything else important that you want to inform your audience about? Buy1 get1 free, 20% instant discount, money back guarantee, protection of your personal data for online purchases, 2 for 1…these are all messages that people want to see imprinted in your direct mail; something that will make them take the first step and visit your store or online marketplace.

Quality brochure printing in Melbourne

Brochure printing sample packDon’t send poor quality prints just because it is cheaper. Ensure to find a company that specialises in brochure printing in Melbourne and be sure that they can offer you the best quality at the most affordable prices. Use soft colors, readable text, and stay away from ‘bombastic’ advertisements and text that sounds too good to be true. Before hiring an expert for printing, simply ask to see a few examples of printed material they produced in the past. Also make sure to choose fine quality, smooth finish paper for the direct mail marketing campaign. Because you want a professional presentation!

You don’t have to mail the order yourself…

In fact, many digital printing companies offer such extra solutions as mailing out the order for you. This way, you will have more time to focus on what really matters. Allow the experts to take care of mailing the ads, and you just sit back and relax waiting for the results to happen. You will have to pay extra for the mailing services but it is definitely worth the investment.

The benefits!

When writing the copy for your direct mail, don’t focus on descriptions. If you are selling shoes for example, don’t just talk about the factors such as leather insole and genuine leather. Talk about the benefits people would experience by purchasing your product such as: extra comfortable, grip soles, durable & perfect for trekking, etc. Regardless of the products or services that you sell, you must expose the benefits, besides discussing about the features. Each and every product is accompanied by a high quality, descriptive picture.